Audrey Hunt Bio

 Born in Weyburn Saskatchewan, Audrey Hunt is a Prairie girl from birth. She lived with her parents in Regina, Edmonton, and Lipton Saskatchewan.

Her first foray into visual media was with the ol` Super 8 Movie Camera, when her parents became grandparents she was the proud photographer .

 She grew up with a love for music and played Tuba in the school band, as well as an accordian and organ by ear! Audrey's artisticly visual eye came naturally in her early years as her mom and sibling used their artistic talent by creating beautiful homecrafts. Sewing, Ukranian easter eggs, wreath making, stuffed animals
and dolls, all influenced Audrey as they promoted beauty and an attention
to detail.

 As the years went on, she eventually got married and had a son. This was
the first time she used a camera as an everyday tool, and as any proud mother,
took many pictures of her first born.

She left the prairies in the late 1980`s with her 2nd husband, son and baby girl in search of a job. West bound and away from her closeknit family for the first time, she took to photography with a passion.

The west was beautiful and she captured it in every light. Living 2.5 years in the Okanagan, the natural beauty helped draw out Audrey's keen sense of visual imagery. But with little work there, the little family decided to move on to Vancouver Island.

Audrey and her husband Bob have been Foster Parents for 8 years now and have worked with Special Needs kids and young adults for nearly 10 years in 
Campbell River. Audrey's skill behind the lens comes in handy as she uses her photos to create stories and as a communication tool for her Special Needs clients.

"The Island is paradise at its best, and the pictures just keep coming!"

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