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This site was created to promote Campbell River , which was the main location base for

Disney's "Eaters of the Dead" film now renamed "The 13th Warrior" ,Call Sheet - click on me to view

based on a book by well known author Michael Crichton ,

featuring Antonio Banderas , Dennis Storhøi , Omar Sharif ,

Sven Wollter , Maria Bonnevie ,

and a cast of hundreds too many to mention here.

In this site you will find the article which first published photos of
Elk Falls - location of the only Disney film site that was open to public viewing . These pictures were taken during construction but not during the actual filming of the Wendal village.

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to view more photos click on the links: photo1 , photo2 , photo3 , photo4

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Feb.28 photos click on the links: photo5 , photo6 , photo7 , photo8

March 14 photos (bonus- sneak shot of inside viking village!) photo9 , photo10 , photo11 , photo12

March 28 photos : photo13 ,photo14 ,photo15 ,photo16

April 14 photos: photo17 ,photo18 ,photo19 ,photo20


May 2nd photos: photo21 , photo22 , photo23 , photo24

May 18th photos: photo25 , photo26 , photo27 , photo28

June 2nd photos: photo29 , photo30 , photo31 , photo32

July 3rd photos: photo33 , photo34 , photo35 , photo36

August 4th photos: photo37 , photo38 , photo39 , photo40

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group shot of extras at Norwood Farm

September. photos: photo41 , photo42 , photo43 , photo44

October. photos: photo45 , photo46 , photo47 , photo48

13th Warrior/Eaters of the Dead Please can you help? I recently purchased a team of clydesdales used in the film. I would love to have any pictures of them being used or just on the set. Do you have any? If so will you Email them to me or post them so I can copy them? S.W. 

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